Ideas for problem formulations

Just some ideas for what directions the thesis could go in form of different problem formulations. This is by no means the final formulations, and they are not held up to the standard of an academic problem formulation. This is just ideas, and as always, do pitch in if you have ideas or things that could be interesting. I might not have thought of that idea myself, and appreciate the help.

  • How can brands/companies take advantage of the way that young people today use social media to create a brand around themselves, with the use of other brands (likes, dis-likes, fans, groups, etc.)
  • How are communities today different from what they were just 20 years ago, and how can this benefit companies?
  • How can companies create online communities that attract the consumer?
  • How can companies, in an effective way, reach consumers who choose to ignore social media?
  • Can companies control their consumer’s by means of social media, or at least lead them to make certain decisions?
  • How is social media today making branding for companies different from 20/30 years ago?
  • How does social media like Facebook and Instagram influence the evolvement of personality with pre-teens and teens, and can be expected to create lifelong relationships between brands and consumers?

As always I am also very open to ideas for literature in these areas a well.

I will probably come up with more ideas and add them at some point, or refine one of these and use for the final thesis.

As an additional note, i got a book called ‘The social bond’ by Nisbet and Perrin, which my professor told me was a good start when wanting to read about sociology and the effect of being social. I thought this would be a good base to get for the thesis.


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One response to “Ideas for problem formulations

  1. Exciting questions!!Good work! And i am sure, in process of reflecting upon and answering theese questions, you will be lead you to the important keyword: Values, and the practice of beeing a value-creating organisation.
    Peter Svarres book :” den perfekte storm”, and Jacob Bøtters book :” NQ, involvering med sociale medier” are both digging into the issue, and illuminating many exciting angels around the question about how compagnies are able to reach costumers throug value-creating activities, on the social medias. I am keeping an eye on you 😉

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