About the blog

I am a master student of Brand and communications management (Cand. Merc.) at Copenhagen Business School. As I started in 2012, I will be starting on my master thesis in the beginning of 2014.

I already have some ideas as to what it should be about, that is why I have created this blog to write about my progress, the interesting books and articles I am going to read and hopefully to get some inspiration from readers like you. All serious input are welcome.

The thesis will be within branding, and the branding of the self, and how this have become an important part of culture today. The focus will be on social media and how these are used to create identity (personal brand).

Since I still have about 6 months till I officially start the thesis, there is no problem formulation yet. This means that I am very open to ideas and input on the subject.

Some facts about me:

Im as mentioned a master student, and did my Bachelor degree in business administration and service management at CBS. As a part of my BA i studied a semester at Hawaii Pacific University. My name is Diana, Im 29 and live in Valby.

If you have any questions about the thesis or anything please do not hesitate to write.

Thank you for reading and participating



3 responses to “About the blog

  1. Hi Diana. What a fine idea to dokument the progress. I will follow you with great interest. And i think i will do something similair. I an studying IT, learning and organistional changes at Aalborg University and have desided allready to write about social media and how it effects changes in organisations in my final paper (speciale) Right now i am blogging at mampix.dk and i found you on memit.com have a nice summer 🙂

    • Hi Liselotte

      Thank you, I am looking forward to the process, but it is also a bit scary 😉
      When are you writing your thesis? It also sounds like an interesting subject you have chosen.

      And a great summer to you as well. 🙂


      • hi again (hej)
        in september i start up 9. semester where we have two eksamens (about learning ang globallisation, thats why i have desided to do a lot og writing in english during the summer 😉 ) I January, at the beginning of 10. semester we start working on our final paper (speciale) so i guess this will be the period where i start writing my thesis. But just like you i am allready doing all my research with the subject of my final paper in the back of my mind…o yes it is a bit scary. Suddenly the last chance to “get it right” is getting close 😉

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