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Interesting talks

As always I love my little project talks with my friend Nicki (Twitter: @Brochner). The whole Thesis project have not gotten a lot of focus during the summer, but now that i started on my electives, I am starting to give it some more thought. 

It seems big and scary, and this is where Nicki comes into the picture. He is good at breaking it down and giving me good ideas, as well as setting things a bit in perspective. His Master thesis is on my ‘to read’ list, and i really need to start reading it soon. 

With the bases in that as well as my ideas for the thesis we had a nice talk about some different theories (and as I told him, I need to have a dictaphone for our talks, because I cant remember the name of them). 

The interesting thing was talking about how to view social media in contrast to how the world has gotten smaller based on technology, and how this can be used in discussing the new theories in relation to social media. 

Also how it would be a good idea to find a case company to connect the ideas and theories about identity creation, how brands can influence and use this. 

So another thesis idea could be something like: ‘How can companies influence the consumers in the identity creation phase (age 13-15), via social media in a way that will create long-term goodwill and more profit in the long-run.’ Using a case company to look at what is being done and what could be done in relation to the theories. 


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